• We will not sell whatever good and poor products produced at the frontier area having no stable importer, lost completely not to be able to buy again after purchasing once having not any warranty.
  • We will not completely import or sell the goods and poor products from the any border (Thai, China, India, Bangladesh)
  • We will always make scolding, criticizing and denouncing to the persons using the extremely poorproducts imported from the frontier areas making imitation and to those shop owners sold these imitatedproducts will be noted as the doers to have varieties of sin by selling and let using the poor products as the persons arriving to destroy nature and environment.
  • We are selling and distributing taking pride with the wholesale to the whole country of Myanmar.Importing with normal trade system taking as the sole agent of Myanmar only to the spexially goodquality products having warranty manufactured from the countries such as Made in Taiwan, Made inThailand, Made in Hongkong, Made in Japan, Made in U.S.A and Made in Poland.
  • We are importing starting from 2002 only to the designs, systems and trademarks using the whole worldnot having completely of making the imitation to any other products and trademarks to the productsimporting, distributing and selling by us. We offer warranty not to have blacklist to tour ships due to our products.
  • We will be taking always pride by performing energetically to the selling of the best, high standard,peculiar products and to the successive best services.