Our Standard Standing Form


We collected the data and information through the 3 year research starting from 1999 about the durability and price in fairness that the users like and taste, advice of the retail shop and desires of Myanmar market. So, we imported the goods which are the best and the most suitable for the market in Myanmar and distributed them. Our imported and distributed commordities are the brands that the shopkeepers re-selling and end-user customers have the full satisfication till years. Our company has been firmly standing in the market with the incomparable, best and continuous services offering gifts due to the money amount for every purchasing time, offering gifts due to the annual money ammount, waiting for money, delivering in the town, delivering to the high way gates for the remote towns and delivering to the shops in the province towns monthly. It was the term of 17 years up to now. We obtained the strong market share for the systematic establishment of import, sale, payment, distrubution, marketing, advertisements and promotions.


We aim to co-operate with the customers for long term sale and purchase. This aims base on the dependence of the customers, products quality and distribution services. The feature, beauty, quality and durability of the distributed products are the trust of the customers. The importer inspects the quality and capacity of every item systematically. This best commordities are being continuously distributed through the Myanmar. The products will continue with the concrete trust between the imported distributors and retailers.